I Love Horror

I saw my first scary movie when I was around seven. It was halloween and I just finished trick or treating. I was watching tv and Friday the 13th was on. I sat glued to the television only looking away periodically to go through my candy. That was the beginning of a life long obsession with horror movies. Fortunately, my friend had a sister who worked at the video store a couple blocks away. She would let me “borrow” any movie I wanted as long as I brought it back within two days. Way back then, I would rent movies based solely on the cover ( or the occasional commercial) since the internet did not exist yet. Which is how I was traumatized by renting the last house on the left. I watched dumbfounded saying to myself, “What is going on?” “This isn’t scary!” “What are they doing to her?” Lesson learned Aimee! From that point on I actually read the back of the video instead of just renting the one with the creepiest cover. Where was my parental supervision through all of this? Who knows? I was a middle child who kept out of trouble and never gave my parents a reason to keep a close eye on me. If they only knew. Well, I won’t be jumping from any planes or running with the bulls anytime soon, or ever. So I’ll continue to get my adrenaline fix from scary movies.

ruined my childhood

16 thoughts on “I Love Horror

  1. LOL! I was an 80s kid, so I remember mom/pop video stores and renting VHS movies based on the cover! I did watch “The Last House On The Left” (the original) when I was a kid. It seemed like a snuff film, and I found it scary in the sense that it made me fearful of home invasions. Movies back in the 1980s had that raw feel to them that made them more realistic, plus many horror B-movies had unknown actors, so it was easy to suspend one’s disbelief.

    — Manny

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      1. “Faces of Death”! Wow, I forgot about those! I’ve seen about 3 or 4 of them, and yup, more trauma to my young self in the 80s. : ) As I got older and watched “FOD” again, I noticed some of the so called real footage were set-ups, either they were re-enacted or completely made up. Kind of like an early version of “reality t.v.,” where the “reality” is modified by the producers/writers/directors.

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        1. Really? All I remember was the monkey brains being eaten,the guy in the electric chair, and the camera man being pulled into the water by a crocodile. Don’t think I could watch that stuff now that I’m old and closer to death myself! Ha,ha.


          1. Yeah, I remember all those samples you mentioned! An example of the fake ones is the execution of some farmer in the Soviet Bloc. You see a shot of soldiers going toward a door of a small house, then a shot from the inside of the house that starts off as black and then when the doors open the light enters and the soldiers go in (and the camera is set up close to the floor and angled upward). It was very much staged.

            LOL, you are not close to death; and I would never say that because then I would be saying I am close to death also! If you were a teen in the 80s as I was, we are far from the Grim Reaper’s reach. ; ) That was a funny joke though.

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