Life Swap. What Horror Movie Would You Trade Your Real Life For?


It seems recently that the world has gone ahead and lost its damn mind, self included. Maybe it’s the outcome of the recent election, depending on your political views. I know I was shell-shocked and devastated. Or maybe people are just going through some heavy stuff and feeling shitty and hopeless about their lives. As Kathy Lee Gifford is always singing, “Everyone has a story.” Whatever the case may be, I’ve been escaping the ugly through hanging out with Mary Jane daily and listening to a lot of Led Zeppelin and Beatles. I’ve also been watching a shit ton of reality TV and movies. Especially the ultimate genre in my opinion, horror. It got me thinking about my favorite movie “An American Werewolf in London”. If it was actually real, would I trade my life with everything I’ve been dealing with over the last few decades for David’s knowing my fate? I have seen the movie 100 million times after all. Let me sum up “An American Werewolf in London” in a nut shell. (Spoiler alert. And if you haven’t seen it by now, you’re missing out). An american goes to London with his best friend Jack. Jack unfortunately gets killed by a werewolf and David gets bit, has a couple creepy ass dreams and eventually turns into one himself. He also falls in love seemly over night with a pretty British nurse, they make hot passionate nookies, he kills a bunch of innocent people then gets shot and dies. The End. Great soundtrack, FYI. So would I swap? Let’s weigh out the pros and cons. Con~ I absolutely love my best friend Jon. I’ve known him since we were teenagers and he’s the one true friend that despite me being born emo, he didn’t go running for the hills. So obviously I would be devastated if a werewolf killed him while we were having the time of our lives backpacking through Europe. I would also find it terrifying yet awesome that he was haunting me. And he would NEVER try to convince me to kill myself, no matter what kind of monster I’ve become. Pro~ Steamy (literally) passionate love affair with a hot british nurse. Hell yeah I’m down for that, there are male nurses too. Con~ I’ve killed innocent civilians and I am very sorry for that. But get off my back dead people, I didn’t ask to be bitten by a werewolf! Just like I didn’t ask for the hand I’ve been dealt with in real life. But I’d try to make the best of a very unfortunate situation. However, just like the character David, I also have a conscious and would want to take my own life because the guilt of what I’ve done would be too overwhelming to live with. But similar to him, I’d be too scared and go down in a blaze of bullets by the po-po. Which isn’t hard, especially if you’re in America and not white. Oops, got heavy, this is a place to escape. I apologize. Pro~ I’m a freaking werewolf! No need to explain how cool that is. Especially if you can manage not to kill a lot people like Seth Green’s character Oz from “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”. Sigh, I miss that show. Personally I’d prefer to be a vampire. I hate the daytime anyways. But I digress. So would I life swap at this point in time in my real life with my favorite movie of all time knowing the outcome? Hell yes, you don’t have to ask me twice! I’ve always dreamed of going to London anyways. I even got a passport that I never got to use because I’m broke as a joke. Hopefully in due time I’ll be living the real life updated version of the movie “Dazed and Confused”. I call dibs on the character Slater! That’s the scary movie I would choose and not just because I love it so damn much. So, if you could and wanted to life swap with a movie but it had to be in the horror genre, what film would you choose?



5 thoughts on “Life Swap. What Horror Movie Would You Trade Your Real Life For?

  1. Good job on the article. It was a good read, and I laughed and it was a concept I haven’t really seen talked about even though it has probably been done before, and even if it has I bet it wasn’t on the movie you picked. I would proably swap with the nightmare on elm street movies so I could be Freddy Kruger who is super over powered and torment with anyone I dislike, from a political figure, to a kid that stole my lunch money twenty years ago.

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