The Visit Movie Review (Spoilers)

Directed M. Night Shyamalan, The Visit centers around Becca and younger brother Tyler who board a train and head deep into the Pennsylvania farm country to meet their grandparents for the first time. Their mother has been estranged from her parents for years, but decides to send her children to stay with them for a week after they’ve reached out to her wanting to meet their grandchildren. Welcomed by Nana and Pop Pop at the train station all seems well at first until the siblings start to notice increasingly strange behavior from the seemingly charming couple. Nana scratching at doors naked in the middle of the night, Pop Pop hoarding his dirty diapers in the shed, bipolar type mood changes every two seconds, fun stuff like that.
When I first saw the trailer I thought the big twist would be that The Visit was a modern day Hansel and Gretel. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong. There are parts of the film that led me into thinking the grandparents were evil cult vampire monsters, or possessed alien type beings. At one point I thought the mother was in on it and set the whole thing up. Apparently I watch too many Lifetime movies and have a really vivid imagination. Turns out the old couple are escaped mental patients who killed the real grandparents basically because they were jealous of their life and wanted it for themselves, I think. All I know is that M. Night managed to keep me entertained, amused, and completely clueless about the twist, which is revealed by the mother seeing the couple on skype and saying “Those aren’t your grandparents!” Say wha?? Didn’t see that coming!

Sorry if my movie reviews are written long after the movies come out at theaters, but after my last movie going experience (over priced tickets and stale candy, loud, rude people that talk or text the whole time, ect. ect.) Now, I usually just wait to watch them on demand.

10 thoughts on “The Visit Movie Review (Spoilers)

  1. Finally got around to seeing this movie! I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t a big fan of it for most of the way through. I even thought about aliens and the mother being in on it as well. But once we find out about the fake grandparents, I was all in! I plan on writing my review soon.

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  2. Hi,

    Yeah, Night has done a good job keeping the twist from being easily guessed. He threw in a Red Herring out there about aliens in the water supply, and I thought that was the problem; but as the movie progressed and there were more mentions of the grandparents working in the mental hospital, I figured it out a few minutes prior to the reveal.

    Overall, I liked this movie very much. And it was low budget!

             -- M

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    1. For some reason, the grandparents volunteering at the mental hospital and not being seen for awhile, went right over my head. Then again, I was confused by the Sixth Sense twist. I had to see it again before I finally said, ” oh, I get it. He was dead the whole time.” Lol I think my years of being a pothead has made me a little slow. I always thought that was a myth. Guess not. 😉


      1. The mental hospital…grandparents probably killed by loonies and taking their identities…I think the reason you and I overlooked that is because it would’ve been too easy a plot twist for Night to use, but he used it! I guess people are used to having Night give us a more elaborate twist in the third act. I wouldn’t blame the pot. X )

        Speaking of pot heads, have you seen “The Cabin In The Woods?” If not, one of the main characters is a huge pot head and he was the only one who noticed there was something going on in the cabin/woods, and he was the first to figure out the mystery of the place!


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        1. I actually said at the end of The Visit, ” that’s it?” He did exactly what you said, which was quite clever of him. I love The Cabin in the Woods. The stoners are usually the first to know something is going on because their senses are already heightened and they’re most likely paranoid so they notice every little noise. 😵


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