Fear the Walking Dead Pilot Review. (Recap Spoilers)

fear_the_walking_dead_72349The pilot, co-written by series co-creators Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson, opens with young heroin addict Nick (Frank Dillane) waking up in an abandoned church after a drug filled night only to find his friend Gloria eating someones face. Freaked out, he runs from what he can only imagine as a possible bath salt attack, into oncoming traffic and is hit by a car. In the hospital, he’s being questioned by police who are treating him like your typical junkie. His mother, Madison (Kim Dickens), her live-in boyfriend, Travis (Cliff Curtis), and sister, Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) show up at the hospital, all with their own issues. Nick isn’t sure if he had a bad trip or is losing his mind. After his mother, who is a guidance counselor at Alicia’s highschool, heads back to work, he tells Travis what he saw. Travis, who seems to have a soft spot for Nick even though his relationship with his own son appears to be strained, takes it upon himself to go investigate the creepy church. It’s obvious to him that something went down and later tells Madison that Nick might be telling the truth. Meanwhile, Nick escapes from the hospital only to end up meeting with his drug dealer Calvin, who earlier in the episode came across as a concerned friend and former addict himself. Calvin is not too pleased with Nick, whom he suspects of being a rat and decides to kill him. However, Nick catches on quickly to Calvin’s plan and shoots him in self-defense. Madison and Travis eventually find Nick, who is a state of shock. He tells them what he just did and takes them back to where Calvin was shot, leading up to what I thought was a good ending to possibly a good new series. When I wasn’t side tracked with thoughts like, “What happened to the zombies in the church?”, “Shouldn’t he be going through withdrawal?”, and “Hmm, that Nick guy reminds me of young Johnny Depp”, I was really invested in the episode. While Fear the Walking Dead may never live up to its predecessor, The Walking Dead, I do think it’s worth watching. I’m actually looking forward to next weeks episode. And after being disappointed by so many of this years horror movies and series, Fear the Walking Dead is a welcomed relief.

3 thoughts on “Fear the Walking Dead Pilot Review. (Recap Spoilers)

    1. Oh, thank you. I love The Walking Dead, but I haven’t been feeling the last couple of seasons. I did like the Fear the Walking Dead pilot. It seems like the show will slowly build the zombie action with each episode. Fine by me, I have young Depp to look at until it picks up! 😉

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