The Gallows movie review. I’ve seen worse.

Well there’s not really much to say about The Gallows. It’s not awful and it’s no Shining, it’s just mindless entertainment. This isn’t always a bad thing. Here’s a quick rundown of the plot. It follows four teens trapped inside their high school with a very pissed off ghost. And of course they film every moment, even when all hell breaks loose. I often find myself wondering why people never just drop the damn camera and run in these types of films. I guess because the movie would be over in two seconds. (I could live the rest of my life never seeing another found footage movie ever again!) Anyways, I did find it good for some cheap scares. If only who’s ever in charge of promos would just stop showing the jump scares in the commercials, the world would be a better place. The “do it yourself” camera work wasn’t nearly as shaky as the Blair Witch Project; however, that’s a much better movie. I’m not sure why so many people have said the characters are annoying and unlikable. They are teenagers after all. I find they were much more tolerable than the characters in Paranormal Activity, Unfriended, and even the Blair Witch Project. You don’t need to pay close attention to the plot considering they explain every little thing for the audience as if we were all dropped on our heads as infants. And it doesn’t drag on, it was over before I could even open the sour patch kids I snuck in. I believe the point of the Gallows is to be a simple light horror movie experience. Mission accomplished. I don’t think Charlie is going to be the next Freddy or Jason. I surely wasn’t looking for him under my bed or in my closet when I got home.  Everything considered, The Gallows is a decent movie worth escaping life for 80 minutes.


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