6 Horror Movies that Scarred Me for Life.

1. The Last House on the Left


I rented this movie not knowing anything about it when I was around 8yrs old. For obvious reasons, I was traumatized.

2.   Audition


As much as I love this movie, it took me a couple of days to shake. The torture scenes are wonderfully disturbing.

3.  A Serbian Film


No, just no. This film has everything that’s wrong with the world in it. Necrophilia, baby rape, ect. Need I say more?

4.  Final Destination


I know this isn’t the scariest franchise. However, since watching these movies, everyday items and situations have become a potential death scenario for me. A pencil on the floor, my toaster, a tree blowing in the breeze, ect.

5.  Jaws


After I saw this, I refused to go into my 4 ft above ground swimming pool. I’m sure my lifetime phobia of great white sharks is due to Jaws. To this day I refuse to watch shark week and use Calgon.

6. Motel Hell


 Everything about this movie freaked me out, especially the scene with the pig head.

 That’s just a short list of movies that for some reason or another messed with my psyche permanently. If only I could erase A Serbian Film from my mind! I’d love to know what horror movies traumatized you, ruined your childhood, or just left you feeling the need to shower immediately.

10 thoughts on “6 Horror Movies that Scarred Me for Life.

    1. After seeing final destination 5 in 3D, the whole way home I was stuck behind a pick up truck with a bunch of metal poles in the back. I kept waiting for one to fall off and fly through my windshield impaling me in my eyeball! Lol


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