MTV’s Scream has multiple personalities, and they all suck.

As an avid horror fan, I was looking forward to MTV’s new series, Scream. I wish I could say it’s worth watching, but that would make me a big fat liar. I could maybe get past the new Ghostface looking like a jabbawockeez, however, the bad acting and unlikable characters are hard to stomach. There’s not much in common with the original movie (unfortunately) but I did notice they threw in a little Friday the 13th with a dash of unfriended. I didn’t expect Scream the series to be scary, but is a likable cast and decent acting asking too much? I’m still confused by the whole lesbian sub plot and why it would be such a scandal now a days. Maybe I’m biased, being such a fan of the movie. Or maybe MTV’s just catering to a younger audience unfamiliar with the film. And if that’s the case, they have failed. The reason MTV’s teen wolf is still on the air even though the last two seasons have been meh, is because the characters of Scott (Tyler Posey) and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) are too damn cute and lovable. Not the case with the Scream teens who come across as unrelatable rich kids. I’m not ready to quit this show yet. I’ll give it at least three episodes to win me over before I move on to bigger and better things.


4 thoughts on “MTV’s Scream has multiple personalities, and they all suck.

  1. I really want this series canceled immediately! lol I’m a huge fan of the movie series and just want the brand to rest in piece. I’ve only sat through a couple episodes but I have a few problems with the TV show. 1st what aggravates the hell out of me is that the movies (more so the original) poke fun at the cliches in horror films but the show has turned into one! 2nd the only reason anyone would take the title of a movie and turn it into a show is because they believe the brand name has value. Does the Scream brand name have value anymore? I don’t think so. If they were looking to cash in they should have done it in the early 2000’s during the height of the franchise popularity. Now, just like the 4th movie it seems out of place to me. Also, It’s viewership slipped horribly from just over 1 million in the debut to a 0.5 in the 18-49 age bracket. Someone is either blind or doing lots of drugs at MTV. With those numbers I don’t understand how they picked it up for a second season.


    1. It might not be as bad as I thought. I’m gonna watch the third episode later. Usually shows start off good and slowly lose steam. With scream, it’s seems like it might be the other way around. Damn, this show might make me eat my own words!

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