Babadook? More like Babadookie!

I know this isn’t the most current movie review, but I needed something to watch while waiting for The Gallows to come out. Unfortunately I settled on The Babadook. That is the last time I buy into internet hype because apparently I didn’t learn my lesson from the overrated unfriended. While googling “best horror movies”, The Babadook kept popping up. So, after reading tons of rave reviews praising this film, I checked my on demand and there it was. “Yay, can’t wait to see one of the best horror movies ever made!” Well, tsk,tsk online reviews, you got me again. The Babadook is neither scary or interesting. I found myself incredibly bored, tempted to fast forward hoping to get to the good parts. There weren’t any. It was slow moving and predictable. The Babadook isn’t a horrible movie, but it’s definitely not the haunting masterpiece people online claim it to be. First oil pulling and now The Babadook, damn you internet.


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